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Company Info

  • What makes Perennials different?

    Perennials is the leader in luxury performance textiles that stand up to life’s everyday adventures without sacrificing great design. All of our fabrics, trims and rugs are made with 100% Perennials solution-dyed acrylic. Yes, we are obsessive, and our fixation results in technically superior fabrics, rugs and trims that are fade-resistant, mildew-resistant and stain-resistant, with the soft, luxurious feel of natural fibers.

    About Perennials

  • How do I contact someone?

    Fill out our contact form  or call us at 07861852899.

Order Info

  • How can I purchase Perennials products?

    Perennials products are sold exclusively to the design trade and luxury retailers. Visit our Mumbai Studio. First floor, Villar Ville, PJ Ramchandani Marg
    Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400039 or call us at 07861852894.

    How to Buy

  • How do I get samples of Perennials products?

    You can request samples directly through your online account. Registering an account with Perennials also gives you exclusive access to sample orders and quote requests.

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  • How can I check stock and pricing on Perennials products?

    Contact your Perennials representative for inquiries on stock levels. All prices are net wholesale to designers/architects. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit or payment in full, sales are considered firm and acknowledged by Perennials with an order confirmation.

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Product Info

  • How do I clean and maintain Perennials products?

    All Perennials products are made with 100% Perennials solution-dyed acrylic, making clean-up easy! Refer to the links below for cleaning demonstrations and instructions.

    Care & Support

    If you prefer to have your fabrics or rugs professionally cleaned, it is important to inform the service that the fibers are 100% solution-dyed acrylic.

  • Can bleach be used on Perennials products?

    Chlorine bleach will not affect the coloration of the solution-dyed acrylic fiber and is therefore acceptable for stubborn stain removal, including mildew. Chlorine bleach, strong chemicals or harsh detergents will eventually affect the strength of any fiber or cloth, so we suggest a diluted solution of one part bleach to two parts water. Thorough rinsing is essential.

    Please note that chlorine bleach is never recommended as a stain remover for printed fabrics or natural fibers (i.e. hemp), as it will affect the coloration of the print or natural fiber.

    Care & Support

  • Can additional finishes be applied to Perennials products?

    Most Perennials fabrics have a NanoSeal™ soil-resistant finish, so additional finishes are not needed. Backing may be applied to Perennials fabrics and customers should consult their workrooms regarding the suitability and type of backing to be used. Please note that application of any third-party finish voids the Perennials warranty and products will not be returnable.

  • What does the Perennials warranty cover?

    Perennials 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, trimming and rugs are backed by a no-fade guarantee valid for three years from the date of purchase*. The warranty does not cover degradation from normal wear, stains from environmental pollution, negligence or weather soiling.

    * Printed fabrics hold a one year warranty, and Cabana fabric has a five year warranty.


  • How do I submit a warranty claim?

    Contact your Perennials representative or Perennials Customer Service for warranty claim information.

  • What is Perennials’ environmental stance?

    Perennials advocates for caring of the environment as a major part of its company culture, and is committed to producing textiles in an environmentally responsible way. The water used during the fiber manufacturing process is purified and returned to its natural source. Environmentally friendly natural gas provides the energy needed to generate steam and electricity for multiple aspects of the fiber production. Waste is safely recycled through incineration, with the heat being used as an additional energy source for our steam network. Water used in the finishing of our products is purified, which allows for 50% of the water to be used for such things as landscape irrigation and 50% to be recycled back to the finishing process for reuse.

    Statement of Safety

  • Do Perennials products contain PFOA/PFOS?

    No! Perennials certifies that all fabrics and finishes are free of perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic (PFOS) acids.

    Statement of Safety

  • Can Perennials products go in the washing machine?

    Yes, most Perennials fabrics may be cleaned in a washing machine. We recommend a cool water, gentle cycle setting. Air dry. Casements, velvets or prints should never be machine washed.

    We recommend allowing for 3-5% possible fabric adjustment (shrinkage or expansion) due to climatic conditions, end use, and/or washing procedures. Pre-washing may be suitable for some applications.

  • How do I obtain information on flammability and abrasion testing?

    We put our products to the test, subjecting them to the harshest conditions to meet your standards. Test results and certificates from accredited labs are available upon request. Please contact your Perennials representative or Perennials Customer Service for further information.

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  • Do you provide custom design services?

    Yes! Perennials has a very skilled in-house design studio to best serve custom needs.

    Most custom fabrics are available with a minimum run of 120 yards (400 yards for velvet). A 50% deposit is required and a strike-off will be provided for approval prior to production.

    Perennials rugs are made-to-order, allowing for custom sizes, color and patterns to be created specifically for your project.

    All custom orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

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