Furniture Care

Care + Maintenance

Sutherland products are designed and built for a lifetime of beauty, which means our furniture finishes and upholstery are easily maintained with occasional attention.

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Caring For Your Furniture

Easily Maintained

We believe the most sustainable things in the world are good quality and timeless design. Because if something lasts a lifetime it doesn’t wind up in landfill, it gets handed down from generation to generation. Learn how to care and maintain the beauty of your Sutherland furniture.

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For outdoor use, spray your natural teak furniture with a garden hose often. Give teak furniture a thorough cleaning twice a year to remove surface dirt, slight discoloration and environmental buildup. Begin by wetting the surface of the teak and use a soft brush with a solution of mild cleanser and water to scrub the surface. Rinse well and let dry in the sun.

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Aluminum and Powder Coats

Components should be washed with water, soap and a soft cloth. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or cloth of any kind or you will create scratches. Powder coated furniture should not be dragged. Dragging will scratch the coating off the edges of the furniture piece.

Sag Harbor Dining Arm Chair


Sutherland woven pieces are all season synthetic, hand woven construction over powder coated aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. To maintain this material, clean with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before reattaching cushions. For heavy build up, use a mild detergent with water and a low pressure hose. Loosen soil with a soft bristle brush and rinse with water.


Sutherland stone and marble tops have a sealer applied on them before leaving our production facility. While we use the highest quality product available, we do not guarantee them to be “stain proof”. As with any natural material, chemicals and stains can penetrate and damage the surface. To keep our stone tops looking their very best, it is best to clean any spills right away.